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D&R trailer update

2015-04-16 02:12:25 by Hexjohn

Top of the morning,

Thanks to everyone who voted and reviewed the teaser for the Dungeons and Randomness trailer, it was very much appreciated! I don't believe the final version will end up being released here because it's essentially the same images, just longer and with voice over. I won't clog the portal with it so here's a link :


D&R is a liveplay D&D 4th edition that is a mix between improv, rpg and radio-drama. It's got a solid 20+ cast and the DM is putting out tons of content every week for free. Make sure to check us out!

What's Next!

-I'm working on a pilot for what I'd like to become a small series of shorts. You'll see more of that soon when I actually get to work on it.

-D&R is LEGIT going to Dragoncon in September as panelists! Holy Jeez. If you go, make sure to say hi! On that subject, I'll be making another movie for it. You can expect it to end up here in September!


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2015-04-16 06:52:15

Oh it's good. OH IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!! This literally is giving me the chills!

Hexjohn responds:

I couldn't ask for a more encouraging comment : )


2015-04-16 14:41:49

Oooo.. this looks lovely.